The Manor Assisted Living Community

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Assisted Living in Little Rock & Benton, Arkansas

The Manor is Extraordinary Senior Care

As Central Arkansasô premiere Assisted Living Center, The Manor welcomes and embraces each resident for who they are, and the lives they live. We bring an extra-hand of support when lifeôs natural progression takes place and normal day-to-day tasks simply become more challenging. We see our residents as individuals¶each Extraordinary in their own regard. And because of that, we work diligently to provide an environment where residents feel¶ safe¶..cared for¶and invigorated.

Our Mission

We Value the Extraordinary lives of those we serve and seek to Enrich them with love, compassion and integrity, each moment of every day.



Our Promise

With a focus on personal choice and flexibility, we are committed to providing a friendly and nurturing environment in which to live with dignity and respect.

  • We take¬†Ownership¬†and¬†Pride¬†in our work.
  • Our¬†Good People¬†make our community your home.
  • We respect others through¬†Honesty, Understanding¬†and¬†Trust.
  • We celebrate life in our community and always have¬†Fun.

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